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Where is the production base of the company's hydrogel products?

All hydrogel products are made in China, mills in both Suzhou and Hangzhou, very close to Shanghai and NingBo port.

Can hydrogel products be sterilized?

All of our hydrogels can be sterilized using appropriate electron beam or gamma radiation.

What is the shelf life of the hydrogel?

The shelf life for slit rolls is 6 months,The shelf life of the bagged product is 3 years.

Will the company's hydrogel products cause allergies?

The company's products have passed relevant allergenicity tests by CNAS and other relevant certification and testing agencies.

Is the quality of the company's hydrogel products stable and reliable?

The company's hydrogel products have been tested in the APAC market for a long time. All of our company's main raw materials and mature advanced technology are imported and learnt from Japan , since Japanese basic raw materials are high and reliable, quality of our company's products are good and stable.

What is the cytotoxicity of the company's hydrogel wound dressing?

Reference standard ISO 10993-5: 2009 Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices, Part V, In vitro cytotoxicity test. Cell viability <70% of the blank group indicates that the sample has potential cytotoxicity. The lower the percentage of cell viability, the greater the potential cytotoxicity. In our wound dressing product, the cell viability value of the 100% extract group of the test sample is 86.8%.

Has the company's hydrogel passed the bio-compatibility test?

Yes, our hydrogel has passed the ISO 10993-1 skin contact bio-compatibility test.

Is there any advantage in the price of the company's hydrogel products?

Under the premise of ensuring high quality, the company's hydrogel products have price advantages both domestically and internationally.