Cold compress patch

Compared with traditional cold compress methods such as ice water, cold water, alcohol, etc., it has the following outstanding points:

1. Convenience: It can be used in various places without special requirements. It can be attached to various parts of the human body without affecting the movement of the human body. It is easy to stick and peel, no pollution, no residue, and easy to carry.

2. Comfort: The gel layer contains more than 90% of water, which is close to the water contained in human cells. The gel is soft and comfortable to touch.

3. Long-lasting effect: The vaporization of water and ingredients in the gel layer is slow and continuous, and the action time after application can be as long as 8 hours.

4. Low irritation: The cold compress is gentle and non-irritating to the skin, and will not cause adverse reactions such as  chills.

Principle :

Through the vaporization of the water contained in the polymer gel and the natural cooling components, the heat can be taken away, and local cooling can be achieved. The drug components are combined with the hydrogel. Through the action of water, the drug components can quickly penetrate the fat layer. It penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue, reaches the lesion site, and acts on the affected area to achieve the effects of cold compress to relieve pain, percutaneous absorption, and sustained-release administration.


The cold compress can constrict local capillaries, reduce local congestion, reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings and relieve pain, reduce temperature and fever, reduce local blood flow, and prevent the spread of inflammation and suppuration. It can dissipate heat conduction in the body, increase heat dissipation, and lower body temperature. Cold compress is suitable for people who need cold compress for early local such as Ajian tissue damage, high fever patients and heatstroke patients, toothache and other people.

Main structure and performance: It is composed of non-woven fabric, hydrogel layer and transparent film. Among them, auxiliary materials such as mint, borneol, and flavor can be added to the hydrogel.

Scope of application: suitable for pain caused by cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, bone hyperplasia, lumbar disc herniation, back and leg pain, bruises, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., and can relieve fatigue

The main products include: antipyretic patch, ice patch, pain patch, Shaped cold compress patch.