Application prospect of hydrogel in radiotherapy bolus materials

For the superficial (tumor) target area, whether it is the traditional electron beam irradiation technology or the conformal intensity-modulated X-ray irradiation technology, when the radiation passes through the superficial tissue, the superficial target area is caused by the existence of the dose build-up. The radiation dose is extremely uneven, which affects the effect of radiotherapy.

At this time, selecting a tissue compensator(bolus) of appropriate thickness and density to completely and seamlessly cover the surface of the superficial tissue can effectively improve the uniformity of the dose distribution in the superficial target area and improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy. The above is more professional. Simply put, the superficial tissue will receive more radiation dose after the surface is covered with tissue compensation,Improve curative effect.

The current mainstream material of tissue compensation(bolus) is composed of oil glue, and the patents are mainly in the hands of American companies.

Then, through communication between our company and the radiotherapy doctors of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, we learned that the clinical requirement for compensation is that the density is equal to 1g/cm³, which is the same as the density of water.

As our company has many years of research experience on hydrogels and related products, based on experience and experimental data, we know that the density of most hydrogels is equal to or close to 1g/cm³.

As a result, our company organized public relations, Use existing hydrogel formulations。Developed a tissue compensation(bolus) product, and conducted relevant dosimetry tests, and obtained satisfactory results.

In terms of physical properties, hydrogels are similar to oil gels. However, the biggest advantage of hydrogels is the price. If you are interested in this product, please contact us.


Ordinary tissue compensation, composed of oil glue


Our company’s hydrogel tissue compensation products.


Hydrogel roll

Post time: Sep-28-2021