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Comparison of hydrogel plaster and traditional plaster

Among the topical plaster patches products, natural rubber substrates are mainly used in China. As a new material, hydrogel substrates become popular in Japan, China, South Korea and other countries from the past one to two years.

Product Name traditional plaster patches hydrogel plaster patches
Advantage Strong cohesion, good elasticity, strong initial and lasting viscosity Very hypoallergenic, non-irritating to the skin, stable drug release, can be uniformly coordinated with various drugs, no contraindications for compounding, and low cytotoxicity.
Disadvantage Easily allergic, expensive, non-hydrophilic, poor water resistance, poor air permeability, high cytotoxicity, poor drug release ability, unstable release, easy to burst release The initial adhesion, holding adhesion and material strength are not as good as traditional plasters

In summary, as a new type of polymer material, hydrogel is increasingly used in the fields of medicine and bioengineering materials due to its unique characteristics.

Post time: Jul-14-2021