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Introduction of moisturizing effect of hydrogel

1. Moisturizing mechanism

There are three ways to realize the moisturizing function: 1. Form a closed system on the skin surface to prevent the moisture in the skin from evaporating into the air; 2. Apply a moisturizer to the skin to prevent the skin from dispersing and losing water; 3. Modern bionics After the moisturizing ingredients are absorbed through the skin, they combine with the free water in the skin to make it hard to volatilize. 

2. Moisturizing ingredients

According to the moisturizing mechanism, the moisturizing effect can be divided into three categories: sealing agent, hygroscopic agent and biomimetic agent

Corresponding common raw materials

Sealing agent: DM100, GTCC, SB45, Cetearyl alcohol, etc.

Hygroscopic agent: Glycerol, Propylene glycol, butylene glycol, etc.

Biomimetic agents: Ceramide H03, Hyaluronic acid, PCA, Oat beta-glucan, etc.

1. Sealing agents: Sealing agents are mainly some oils, which can prevent the skin from dispersing and losing water by forming a closed oil film on the skin, thereby achieving a moisturizing effect.

2. Hygroscopic agents: Hygroscopic agents are mainly polyhydric alcohols, which absorb water from the air and at the same time prevent the skin from dispersing and losing, so as to achieve a moisturizing effect. Hydrogel stickers generally add such substances to the colloid

3. Biomimetic agents: Biomimetic agents are humectants that can interact with a certain substance or structure in the body after being absorbed through the skin to achieve the skin moisturizing effect. By matching with this kind of moisturizer, the hydrogel patch can better achieve the purpose of moisturizing and supporting the skin to remove wrinkles. Domestic representative product: MAGIC STRIPS

3. summary

With different age, gender and skin area, the moisture content is also different. The moisture content of the skin will affect the formation of the sebum film on the surface of the skin, and this protective film is very important to prevent skin aging. The biggest advantage of the hydrogel patch is the high water content (up to 90% water content), and because the hydrogel (cross-linked type) has a slow-release effect, the effect is longer.

Post time: Jul-14-2021