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Precautions for wound treatment

The first step must be to control the infection. The method is to debride the necrotic tissue of the wound. Debridement is the best and fastest method to reduce exudate, eliminate odor and control inflammation. In Europe and the United States, the cost of debridement surgery is extremely high. Surgery takes a long time, so many debridement dressings have been developed, such as enzymes, maggots, etc., and debridement surgery is the last option, but in China and Taiwan, debridement is cheaper and faster than dressings. , The effect is even better.

As for antibiotics, topical antibiotics have been proven to be ineffective on wounds, because dirty wounds will secrete a layer of mucus (Fibrinous slogh), which will prevent antibiotics from entering the wound, and in a clean wound, it will also prevent the growth of granulation tissue. As for systemic antibiotics, according to the opinion of infectious disease doctors, unless there are symptoms of systemic infection, such as fever or high white blood cells, there is no need to use systemic antibiotics.

After the wound is clean, the next step is to control the exudate. The wound should not be too wet, otherwise the wound will be infiltrated and become white as if soaked in water. You can use foam and other dressings to treat the exudate. Foam dressings can generally absorb 10 times the volume of the exudate, definitely it’the most absorbent dressing. If infectious exudate appears, if it smells or appears green, you can also use silver dressing; but the wound should not be too dry, you can use a hydrogel dressing or Artificial skin and other dressings to moisturize, the key point is not to be too dry or too wet.

Post time: Jul-14-2021