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Research progress of liquid band-aids

What liquid band-aids is:

Liquid band-aid is a medical dressing with tissue adhesion ability, and can also be used as a medical tissue adhesive.

Liquid band-aid is made by dissolving film-forming materials in a solvent, and tightly adhere to the wounded part of the skin by smearing or spraying, forming a translucent protective film. It has the characteristics of bacteria isolation, breathability, waterproof, easy to use, easy to observe wound conditions and promote wound recovery.

Liquid band-aids include two types

One is an over-the-counter skin protectant that can protect surface abrasions and chronic bedsores; the second is a tissue adhesive used for surgical sutures to treat severe skin tears. Liquid band-aids are derived from band-aids and belong to the category of medical devices. Because they have a hemostatic effect, they belong to class II or class III medical device products. However, liquid band-aids that contain drugs or have pharmacological effects cannot be registered and managed as medical devices. They must be handled in accordance with drugs. manage. At present, more and more attention is paid to liquid band-aids in China.

Application of of liquid band-aids:

Liquid band-aids have a wide range of clinical applications, and can be used in surgery, burns, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency departments, dermatology, clinical care (pressure sores, intravenous care, etc.), daily injuries, etc.

Problems and prospects of liquid band-aids:

At present, the main problems of liquid band-aids include the following: few types of film-forming materials; poor film-forming properties of existing film-forming materials; pungent smell and tingling sensation. The main constraint on the development of liquid band-aids is that there are fewer film-forming materials. Foreign film-forming materials are mainly explored from industrial film-forming materials and discover polymer hybrid materials that can be used to prepare liquid band-aids;

Liquid band-aids are easy to use, have a wide range of applications, and have great development value. Moreover, the liquid band-aid can be used as a coating agent after adding drugs, and can learn from each other and develop together with the coating agent. In addition, liquid band-aids can also be combined with other technical means for real-time monitoring, which has broad application prospects in the medical field.

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Post time: Aug-11-2021