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Hydrogel microcrystalline nasolabial folds patch

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Guangzhou customer customized products

Structure composition: transparent pet film, hydrogel, elastic net, pearl film.

Product features: With the essence, it can achieve the effect of anti-wrinkle and moisturizing.

Market benchmarking products: MAGIC STRIPS family products. Compared with MAGIC STRIPS Family products, this product is better than its products when used in combination with hydrogel and moisturizer.

Product Description

● Hydrophilic gel, strong gel layer, nourish the skin for a long time, the smile line patch can tighten the skin and enhance the smile line elasticity.

● Revitalizes and nourishes the skin, makes it look younger, reduces wrinkles, and effectively repairs the skin.

● The left and right plaques can be used in pairs to cover a wider area on both sides of the mouth-smile lines, lines of marionettes and lines that appear around the mouth and upper lip, for long-term nourishment, firmness and lifting for 8 hours.

● Use a smile line remover to repair and tighten the skin, condition and improve skin conditions to prevent facial expressions, sun damage or new lines caused by aging.

The main design concept of this product is to apply a moisturizer to the face to reduce the water loss of the skin, combined with a hydrogel patch, so as to achieve a moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect. First, we need to apply a small-molecule moisturizer to the nasolabial folds, and then put our hydrogel patch on the area that needs maintenance. The nasolabial folds wrinkle is a relatively difficult wrinkle. According to our customers' feedback, long-term use is effective. Although the skin can reduce water loss due to the application of moisturizers, it still needs a moist environment to moisturize the skin. This combination can have a better effect than ordinary moisturizers.

Furthermore, it contains a layer of mesh, which can bring better strength to the hydrogel and better lift the skin.

Company Profile

Suzhou Hydrocare Tech is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and OEM processing of gel materials. The company is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, about 70 kilometers away from Shanghai Port. The company has 500 square meters of 100,000-level purification workshops, 1300 square meters of warehouses, and two hydrogel production lines. We will use our professional knowledge, rich experience and complete software and hardware conditions to create high-quality products for customers.

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