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Beauty Skin Care Hydrogel

Application in the field of beauty and anti-wrinkle


Human skin has a natural moisturizing system, composed of water, natural moisturizing factor (NMF), and lipids to keep the stratum corneum at a certain level of water content and keep the skin moist. The appearance of the skin is related to the moisture content of the stratum corneum. Normal skin stratum corneum usually contains 10% to 30% water to maintain the softness and elasticity of the skin. As the skin ages, water loss increases. When the water content is reduced to less than 10%, the skin's tension and luster will disappear, the stratum corneum will peel off more easily, and the skin will become dry and dull, and wrinkles will occur.

Generally, the good anti-wrinkle effect is achieved by adding a moisturizer or using it in combination with a moisturizer. Moisturizers in cosmetics refer to substances that can absorb or retain water by the polar groups in the molecular structure, so that the skin can achieve moisturizing effects. Humectants can prevent the loss of moisture in the epidermal stratum corneum, while maintaining the moisture of the cosmetics itself, helping to maintain the stability of the entire product system.

Application in the field of beauty cold compress

The hydrogel can lose water through the gel to reduce the surface temperature. The water content of beauty hydrogel is generally high, reaching about 95%. It can effectively achieve the effect of cold compress through water loss. Cold compress can quickly reduce the swelling of the swollen face, and combined with lifting can achieve a good effect.

Composition and characteristics of beauty and skin care hydrogels

At present, our anti-wrinkle series of hydrogels are jointly developed with our customers in Guangzhou. In the past few years, we have continuously improved product formulas and tried different combinations to evolve into current products. Our products are market-recognized products and have strong competitiveness

The skin care hydrogel is mainly made of sodium polyacrylate as the main raw material, which is purchased from Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan. Based on this extremely stable quality of the raw materials from Japan, the quality and performance of our hydrogel products can keep stable, Beneficial to long-term cooperation and development.



Low release, hypoallergenic, good biocompatibility, Low cytotoxicity


Soothing, moisturizing, cooling, anti-wrinkle, lifting.


Eye patch, Nasolabial folds patch, forehead wrinkles patch, neck wrinkles patch, facial mask, V face ear hanging patch

(eye sticker, Nasolabial folds sticker, forehead wrinkles sticker, neck wrinkles sticker, facial mask, V face ear hanging sticker)