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Non-woven forehead wrinkles sticker

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Guangzhou customer customized products

Structure: non-woven fabric, hydrogel, pearl film

Function: Replenish water and cold compress

Compared with similar products on the market, this product of the company uses Japanese raw materials + mature technology and has a low allergy rate. It can add slow-release essence ingredients.

Product Description

Forehead anti-wrinkle mask

It reduces forehead wrinkles and makes the skin smoother.You can even use it for 6-8 hours and remove it when it's dry.It's skin-friendly and suitable for most skin types.

Unique gel network structure

It allows oxygen to pass through, lets your skin breathe and locks in moisture. That’s why it’s helping your skin repair itself and keep it smooth for longer.

Rich nutrition ingredients

It keeps the skin moisturized and supple.You will notice an incredible skin improvement after each use. Containing sufficient natural plant essence in the gel,conducive to nutrient absorption and skin care.

Fresh and cool

You won't feel any discomfort and irritation.And it's very easy to use,at work or play,you can use it.The forehead wrinkle pads will stay in place so they can soothe wrinkles while being unnoticed.

The composition of this product is composed of non-woven fabric and hydrogel. The formula process is the same as the cooling gel sheet, which is a very mature product. Non-woven fabrics can choose Japanese non-woven fabrics or Taiwan non-woven fabrics. The quality control is better. However, due to the impact of the epidemic recently, the price of non-woven fabrics has fluctuated quite sharply.  The molds are all ready-made or customer-provided drawings.

Our advantage lies in the hydrogel coating. Our hydrogel is of reliable quality, low price and high water content. The raw materials we use to produce hydrogels are imported from Japan, because we tested the quality of Japanese raw materials to be the most reliable. Then our production process adopts airtight curing, which is different from domestic dehydration curing, our products have higher water content.

Through the above introduction, I believe that we have some understanding of our products. If you need more detailed information, please consult us.

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